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tonight what neighbors are doing to stay warm. a beacon of hope in the search for a missing software executive. an indicator that could mean he, and his family are alive. >> and two big unions demanding bart live up to the mistake. >> the gra tu tis left at two restaurants. looking into the mystery behind these tips >> you can feel them. temperatures dropping tonight. by this time tomorrow, everyone will feel it. a major cold snap
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is arriving in the bay area right now. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> be sure to cover your be plants, bring in pets and cover up. >> turning now to sandhya patel for the outlook. >> we're going to be stuck in this for a while. for a wide area of the bay area. let's check out live doppler seven hd. freeze warnings going up, it's getting clear out there. taking a look at who is going to feel the freeze first, it's the north bay. and you can expect some frost sensitive plants and pipes could see damage. so be aware of that. now, freeze warning is going to cover virtually all of the bay area. only exception is san francisco there is an increased risk of
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hypothermia. take a look at lowest records. tomorrow morning is 27. san jose, 34. well away from records. gilroy flirting with 28 degrees tomorrow morning. and that is not the coldest of the weather. i'll be back with details with live doppler seven hd. >> temperatures dropping this much there are steps to take to protect people, pets, and plants. we have team coverage for you tonight. we're ready with live reports. you first, leanne, please. >> reporter: i want to show you how people are staying warm. the business has been very good here at royal grand cough eye. they have been busy all day, brewing coffee and hot coco for people.
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many people have told me they knew cold was coming but still surprised to find how cold it was this morning. people in san rafael went from spring weather to feeling cold north bay winter in less than 24 hours. for some, it was a rush to buy wood to keep warm for the next few days. >> we have an older classic house in mill wall valy. foothills of mount tam. we just need wood. >> business in novato had been slow until today. steven swan is a people must recover sxufr water plants. >> people you put in will be radiating heat. it takes a little bit of heat to keep plants from freezing.
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>> as longs you work, you stay warm. >> michael was outdoors all day. the homeless population in san rafael is perhaps the most vulnerable during hold coled nights. >> each night a different congregation in march yivenl we have 19 host congregations. our guests will sleep on the floor and have a dinner. >> they'll have room for 40 men and 20 women. in san rafael, abc7 news. >> here is a look at conditions you'll face. it's just coated with snow. this is a slushy blast. >> here is reno that turned into a road snarling snow storm. traffic was snarled on the streets and interstate 80.
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dozens of accidents were reported 5 to 8 inches of snow fell today students were sent home, early. >> turning now to carolyn tyler. hardware stores are getting a lot of business this evening. carolyn? >> that is right. people are stocking up on cold weather gear. we have been keeping an eye on readings here the temperatures have dropped about ten degrees just in two hours. so yes it's time to bundle up, and get prepared. a cold snap can damage a warm weather pleasure, your swimming pool. >> this water in the panels when it gets down to 24, 25 degrees, they will freeze and tubes split open. >> so solar services have been busy on the panels. and we're
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told it's a big seller. if you're cold today, imagine they are collecting new coats for a low income school in richmond. >> we're out there, we see people without coats. and in this cold weather, it makes you understand the importance of being properly clothed so you're ready to learn. >> five years now, they've collected hoodies and vests and received thank you letters in return. he needs 200 coats in time for christmas this year. >> now would be a good time to get the weather app if you don't
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have it. it's free, just go to abc7 >> the weather is playing a major factor in the search for a silicon valley businessman and four members of the family still missing. the plane disappeared on sunday on a flight between baker, oregon and butte, montana. they're piloting a small plane friends here are holding out hope they will be found alive. vic? >> we're here at the company that dale smith co-founded the people here very concerned, but, hopeful, that he and others have survived now, his business partner tells us he bought his plane and n.2005, and since then, as a pilot, he helped a lot of people. >> he goes out with doctors across borders and those organizations so you does a lot of support. >> rand crease says his business
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partner, dale smith was not only chairitable and generous but a good pilot. he's been flying eight years. hopefully, he just doesn't have contact up there. >> he says maybe the plane made a soft landing. today, a ray of hope. a rescue plane that detected something. >> crews able to pick up a broadcast from the downed aircraft helping them narrow the area for which they're searching. however, sunset is approaching. >> searchers were unable to find the plane. he piloted the six seater which lost contact on sunday. he was flying from oregon to butte, montana. smith reported engineouble and
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controllers helped him get to a strip called johnson creek air strip. that was the last contact. on board with smith, his daughter, amber and her fiancee. smith's son shown here on the left and his wife. smith and his family just spent thanksgiving in oregon. >> he was just taking his son and his daughter back to montana and idaho where she goes to school. >> after dropping them off, smith was going back to oregon to pick up his wife and his other daughter and two younger sons bringing them back to san jose the search resumes tomorrow, weather permitting. vic lee, abc7 news. >> a rally is happening now outside of a fund-raiser for sonoma county district attorney with protestors angry about the investigation into the shooting death of a boy by a sheriff deputy. proestors demanding an indictment in the case of
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15-year-old andy lopez. he was carrying a pellet gun that looked like an ak 47. they're putting pressure on the district attorney to take action >> let her know she does not do necessary thing there's is no vote from us. >> the board of supervisors discussed this case, forming a task force to look into the shooting and making a move towards putting lapel cameras on sheriff deputies the board is looking at purchasing the lot where lopez died. >> friday, abc7 news broke the story of bart unions planning to sue the district the unions claim the board broke state law, removing an item from the deal. so could another strike be looming? here is abc7 transportation reporter. >> the labor council describe
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what's led up to the lawsuit. >> in these years we've never seen anything like this. >> the lawsuit filed in alameda county court says it's illegal for the board to remove a single item from the contract then offered to the unions on a take it, or leave it, basis. >> they must honor the total final agreement. we're asking a court to enforce the obligation to do so. >> the lawsuit isn't needed it's going to delay a resolution to this dispute. >> the disputed contract was reached after six months of painful negotiations and two strikes the unions ratified it. bart says it discovered a clause was signed by mistake. section 4.8 giving six weeks of paid leave. bart says the legal paper trail shows the district rejected it twice. it never intended to agree to it because it makes the deal far too expensive. >> there are ways we can implement that language that
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would be accessible, we believe to both parties they're not willing to entertain that discussion. >> both sides say they want to bargain a resolution, but unions have not heard from bart since before the disputed vote. >> general manager reached out after finding mistake, asked to sit down and have a conversation about it. those requests have gone unanswered. >> unions not planning a strike but not ruling it out, either. >> there has to be a point where a compromise is made you're actually harming your community. >> the state mediator can play a role in getting everyone back to the bargaining table. >> and still ahead tonight here on abc7 news a crisis at the site of the rim fire near yosemite. governor brown fires back with a plea for help. >> silicon valley engineers trying to build a car from scratch in nine hours.
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>> a woman with ms gets a medi approved a year ago. with seven on your side's help. that report is coming up. >> and our give where you live food drive continues this evening. spencer christian will explain how you can do your part.
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governor brown demanding the federal government help pay for rim fire near yosemite this past summer the fire charred 400 square miles of brush and burned more than three months. the fema has denied request for assistance. governor brown appealed this, citing the potential for flooding from winter storms and says quote, recovery efforts remain beyond our capabilities damage estimates exceed $4 million. >> silicon valley engineer who's work on secret space systems got to test their problem solving skills today. lockheed martin challenged them to a project building a car in just one day. did they make their deadline?
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>> they did nine hours later. engineers say they're up for a good challenge executives decided it might be good to think outside of the box. and found the perfect vehicle to do it this, car. these engineers couldn't be happen eyer but how this ended. >> i'm a rocket design manager here >> what do you know about building a car some >> 0. >> that is how they started out their day. their goal to build a car rated to go 100 miles per gallon. >> it means failure is not an option they have to quickly find a
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task. there is no time to cycle back through it. into normal products that take longer that is still a truism. they have to live with. >> this wasn't designed to be a simple process. curves thrown in to create challenges >> we have four instances of error in the assembly we have to adjust where tires and are wheel assemblies are. where the engine is. >> easier than the body. >> car is a prototype created by wiki speed. a fire has paid 25,000ses today take this team assembled vehicle home. by working as a team, lockheed martin employees hope to walk away with skills to use in their work. >> my group does a lot of supply chain strategy. if we can see how thing are built, what parts do, that are group is buying it helps us understand how we contribute to the organization. >> in sunnyvale, abc7 news.
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>> that is a fun project. it >> s looks great. >> yes. >> doing something good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. >> all have you to do is go to abc7 news facebook page. take a pledge to give where you live. for every pledge abc7 will donate 1ses today feeding america food banks. >> plus we're going to enter in a contest to win $7,000 cash, cash money. the winner announced december 19th. >> spencer christian is live now accepting food and cash donations. i'm going to back out of the way. we've got members of the raideretts here and tammy and ibrihim from food pantry. say hello. i'm going to join
7:20 pm
susan bason here, and louise white and her grandson, josiah. let me ask you about the need, susan. >> many families find them needing the food bank. they should be worried about what kind of grade they're going to get. not if there is going to be food at home, right? >> maybe you can tell us how important the work is to you and your family? >> it's very important. i don't know what boy do without the food bank in my life. >> and you've been a client several years? >> since 2009. yes. i have. >> i have 12 grandchildren, 13 grandchildren. and four great grandchildren. >> great grandchildren? >> yes. i am a great grandmother. >> and i'm coming from work or
7:21 pm
school. >> good for the family and good for the community food bank for wonderful work they're doing. >> thank you so much. >> you can help right now bit way. you can text the word feed to the number 80077. or a $ten donation. every dollar translates into $four worth of food we accept cash donations, checks, food, and your time and energy. just please, help out. dan and carolyn? >> we'll take it all. >> great way to give where you live is to go to abc7 nuts facebook page. we'll donate $one and we'll enter to win $7,000
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cash. >> sandhya patel is in at 6:00. >> temperatures are falling. we have 40s around the bay area. only going to get stronger by morning. now we're feeling affect of the air mass. 12 degree drop in concord. looking at wind directions here, i know people from mid west might laugh. but when you consider wind, a little bit of a break, makes it feel colder. we call it a windchill factor. you're looking at beautiful view of the financial district. 51 in san francisco. 50s in oakland check out san jose. you're down to 48 degrees
7:23 pm
the view from our camera looking at eastern span of the bay bridge. it's clear outside. temperatures falling and falling fast in areas like napa. nine degree drop in just one hour. at the top of the show i told you it's 49. bundle up tonight make sure you have an an extra blanket and turn up the heat. south beach camera looking at the bay bridge. freeze warning begins tonight, colder weather expected tomorrow night. it's a wintery mix. live doppler seven will be tracking showers friday into saturday morning but possibly snow here locally. we're watching that for you. time being this cold front brought drizzle and light showers. it's long gone. cold air mass settling in now. we have freezing nights coming up. we have freeze warnings starting tonight. this area of low pressure thursday afternoon, we'll start to work its way south ward. now, it's limited in
7:24 pm
moisture but will predues showers here in the bay area. and some snow is possible down to around 2,000 feet. we'll be watching that on friday going into the first part of the weekend. sierra nevada, a couple inches. storm watch friday morning through saturday afternoon. wax off skis. 6 to 12 inches expected and cold enough they'll be able to produce more snow if they need. tomorrow morning 27 degrees in napa. these are the coldest location s. low 30s in fairfield and concord below freezing in livermore. 35 fremont. 34 san jose. 36 san mateo. oakland, 39. san francisco, 41. half moon bay, 36
7:25 pm
degrees so tomorrow afternoon, we'll not get a chance to thaw. it's going to be chilly, well below normal. upper 40s to mid-50s despite the fact we'll enjoy sunshine. thursday, wide spread freeze, colder inland. we're expecting a possibility of low snow levels. >> up next anonymous tipsters leaving generous gra tu tis.
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dow fell 94 points closing below 16,000 point today. tesla got a healthy bump. apple had its highest close in a year as it nears a deal to sell more in china sales of personal computers continue to slump. the industry expects to sell $314 million worth of pcs this year. all theo industry reports an increase in cars in november thanks to low rates and steady gas prices. sales up 1%, gm up
7:29 pm
14%, toyota, up ten. >> anonymous donors leaving thousands in tips at restaurants across the country and documenting the whole thing on instagram. someone left a $1500 tip. it was signed simply tips for jesus. the bartender, bus boy and hostes were tipped out but bulk went to the waiter. >> during holidays it's a great thing to see some of the people that work hard get something like that. it's a surprise. >> two months ago a server in r got a similar tip. and no one could remember who left it. since tips are shared they were all elated.
7:30 pm
>> yes. if you first don'ting succeed, try, try again. third time is a charm for launch of the space x rocket. >> a woman gets a wheelchair she's been asking for. it took michael finney to wade through that bureaucracy. >> make a pledge on abc7 news facebook page. y
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good evening. we have breaking news from arizona. three people collided while sky diving this afternoon they had jumped from a plane. one sky diver was air lifted to the hospital. >> the engineer of a train that fell off the tracks may have been asleep just before the crash. four people dieed and 70 injured an executive says the engineer nodded off which is not quite
7:34 pm
sleeping but not 100% awake, either. the engineer did try to pull the break but it was too late. crews work to fix the tracks today trains should be rolling in that area, tomorrow. >> the autopsy completed today on actor paul walker and his frie friend, new video shows the moment of impact. the crash site turned into just a massive memorial. and so big authorities set up cones last night, actor vin diesel showed up and told the crowd he was moved by the show of support. >> thank you for the support to show my brother love. show the love you've shown paul. and it's
7:35 pm
just going to stay with me forever. thank you, >> universal studios announced it would donate a portion of the proceeds to walker's charity. reach out world wide helps network first respond kwlerz natural disasters strike. a man family with fans on hgtv died in a motorcycle crash. he was identified as a 38-year-old carpenter and co-host of curb appeal on hgtv. the motorcycle was struck by a car last night. >> today space ex-launched the falcon 9 rocket during the launch from florida. the slight will help provide high definition services to parts of asia. the founder said the launches were cancelled because of small technical glitches the
7:36 pm
rocket will be eligible to fly for national security after one more mission. a woman with multiple sclerosis finally has a working power chair. >> michael finney had to step in three times in order to clear this up. >> this is how p on your side works after a year, they're able to clear the final hurdle. >> you can't blame ann for wanting to show off her new wheelchair. as late as october her husband says she's ready to give up.. >> i said i'm going toing for get about it. i said no way. >> the situation reached a critical stage last year. she
7:37 pm
was weak and constantly falling. >> just very scared i know i'm falling but can't grab anything. >> he points to where he found her lying in a pool of blood after she struck her head in a fall. after that incident medicare approved ann's request to get a power wheelchair. there is one problem. the chair did not work. >> the chair was unusable. >> john says they pleaded with the scooter store for help. they called seven on your side we contacted the store and it immediately agreed to take it back but medicare refused to approve ann because it said the
7:38 pm
scooter store didn't return the money. they called seven on your side, complaining about the scooter store. >> channel seven got in touch with them, they returned the money. >> it later became public the scooter store was under investigation for medicare and medicaid fraud. it closed down. but troubles were not over. medicare refused to approve ann for a new chair. instead, asking for more paper work. >> everybodying they told me to do, i d still, it didn't work. >> this went on another five months. so they called seven on your side a third time. this time we called medicare. saying a need must be documented. >> so that can take sometime but
7:39 pm
should happen in a couple days >> if longer than that a patient should call the health insurance counselling and advocacy program. volunteers are stand big to help navigate the bureaucratic maze. what happens when you call? >> you're going get someone familiar with the process. >> medicare declined to comment on this case but after being contacted by seven on your side, medicare approved ann's power wheelchair. >> this is beautiful. seven on your side. they work for me. really well. >> we have a link and a reminder, open enrollment is on december 7th. time is running out. >> lots of decisions to make. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead tonight plans for another expansion of the bay area bike share program.
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bay area air quality management district says it's planning what is called a full expansion of the program, siing up 3200 annual users. they've traveled seven times the distance around the world there are 700 bikes available at 70 stations between san francisco and san jose. this plan to expand by next year >> there are jobs there are, there are jobs. have you ever wonnedered to be a crime scene investigator? like on tv? maybe a spy? those are just some of the hot jobs offered today at the hire event in san francisco. the city of fremont hiring police officers you can find a link to the jobs
7:44 pm
advertised today at our web site abc7 a new planned parenthood clinic opened after it's original opening was delayed. protestors have been picketing this new clinic. planned parenthood officials say delayed opening had nothing to do with protests but caused because equipment wasn't ready. those opposing the clinic say it will negative limb pact businesses and property values >> coming up next what we're doing this year with your help to help fight hunger in the bay area >> and spencer christian is there and will have a live look
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abc7 teeming up with several food banks this holiday season. >> first, let's check in with sandhya patel. >> yes. going to be frosty indeed tomorrow morning rest of the bay area, as we head into following morning live doppler seven seeing clear skies now. and taking a look at the freeze warning it's first in effect. protect your pets, plants and
7:48 pm
pipes this is expanding into the bay area, taking a look at temperature trends, 30 tomorrow morning going down hill thursday, colder as we head towards that time period. for afternoon, it's going to be chilly. temperatures ranging from upper 40s to low 50s most of you. morning freeze tomorrow. that is just going to be wide spread for thursday. look at high temperatures overnight readings you have upper 40s to low 50s. cold showers on friday this, continues into saturday morning, before drying out, then, another mimilder highs and down load ou
7:49 pm
free weather app. and follow live doppler seven hd on twitter r updates all of us here focaststst team providing uinda us on the freez warnininings. >> a amazing how it justt dropp downwn. >> absolutely. cold air m mass ame from canada bringining real ly temperatures here. >> and remarkable, we can see snsnow here in the babay area? >> this is the weather you can expect to see aroundjanuary, fefebruaryry. winterrrr chill w frfrfrom spring, do you remembe 60s and 70s? to winter lilikekekeke. >> t thank you. > a plan was toto go b
7:50 pm
spencer chririss c c chivenl weo focus on efforts to f f f feed a andddd help food bas >> you'll be eligible to win $7,000 cash forrr e everyone that takes tha .ur localood banks bheng to >> jus a a fantasticcas opportu. so go to our web sxiet facebook papage. >> turning our attention to sports. >> b basasebalalalalall seseasot
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good evening, seems only fitting bailey bean was named major league baseball's executive of the year. it's the second time he's won this award.
7:54 pm
bean sent seth smith to the padres. he became expendable with the entrance of that guy. that is craig gentry. sea hawks made it clear path to the championships goes through seattle. seahawks are a different team on the road and visiting 49ers on sunday. both up there, the score 29, 3, seahawks back in week two. niners head coach was asked whether this sunday is about revenge. >> i've never taken revenge approach. we want to play well and win. that is all games that come down to that. the goal is
7:55 pm
to win the football game. and you want to get better. when playing games with those factors. >> the new head football coach, returning to trojans. now he's in charge of trying to restore an sc program that used to be in the hunt for a national championship. >> we will not shy away from the expectations here. we're going to embrace them. we're here to win championships and to win championships i won't have taken this job just to come home. i came here to win championships. and so did all of these players. >> proving there is nothing like leverage, ucla giving their head coach a six-year contract extension. he has done a nice job leading bins to an 18-8
7:56 pm
record in just two seasons. more pack 12 news, marcus mariota going to return to the ducks next season, projected to be a top five pick in nfl draft but had unfinished business in college. as carolyn would remind us, like beating stanford. sharks swept a home stand five games or longer looking to continue success tonight toronto maple leafs. women and children, mayor is coming. captain joe thornton, his third goal, 2-0. kesel's 200th career goals were knotted at two. joe pavelski was a distraction in front of the
7:57 pm
net this, game has just gone final. sharks win 4-2. some fans in toronto. >> join me tonight at 9:00. tracking the plume. how one county is taking a look at the radio active water that may be drifting here from that damaged japanese nuclear plant. we'll take a look at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 a major mistake leads to a lawsuit. problem with a stamp and why a mix up that postal service officials made years ago is now coming back to haunt them. >> now in prime time it's marvels agents of shield followed by goldbergs and trophy wife. then a special edition of what would you do, available online or on demand. watch abc.
7:58 pm
>> and before we go, we want to take a look at the abc7 food drive underway in emeryville. we're getting ready to close up shop, but you can help by going to abc7 news facebook page. >> take the give where you live pledge this, time of the year many of us need help. one in six people don't have enough food to eat. you're looking at a live picture. we're going to put in $one for every pledge and enter you in a contest where you can win $7,000 make that pledge right now. help our friends and neighbors in need. >> you've heard people saying they're the lucky win scombrer want to give back as well. it's a nice thing to consider, too. >> yes. go to our web site or >> yes. go to our web site or
7:59 pm
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